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The easiest way to get started selling on the internet is thru one of the many "storefront in a box" offerings. These companies provide you will everything you need to start selling. Web space, merchant accounts, shopping carts etc. They are more expensive than other options available but they are easy, fast and for the most part, trouble free.
The biggest drawback to these services is that you need to direct traffic to your web site, most search engines will not list these "shops" and you have to rely on the hosting company to promote their online stores.
Look them over, see what they offer and compare their pricing

"The Internet Store", a service provided by Go emerchant makes it easy, you don't need to know how to do any programming. If you can type you can open your own Internet Store with all these features,
1. Web site (Internet Store)
2. Shopping Cart
3. Unlimited product search engine
4. Automated e-mail confirmation to all customers
5. Virtual Terminal
6. Built-In Cash Register
7. On-Line, real-time credit card processing and even more features for one low monthly fee of $49.95. Just your hosting for a web store would be around $20.00 month so you are getting your merchant account and all the other benefits for $29.95 month.

inFopia has quite a unique service, they list your merchandise not only with a storefront but also post for you to other marketplaces like online auctions. A virtual catalog displays all of your products from a specific marketplace.

Review the sites and see if any fit your needs. Perhaps a web site of your own is more to your liking,you build it ,design it your way with your choice of colors logos etc and promote it yourself.

Take a look at some of the services that are offered "Starting Your Own Web Site"
With your own web site you have complete control as to what you list, how many listings you want AND you stand a much better chance at being listed with the search engines.

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