Software & Helper Applications for Auctions & Collecting

Freeware and online services for antiques & Collectibles dealers and Hobbyists
who sell thru on-line auctions or thru their own web site.
Information Management, Counters, Auction ad templates, bulk listing tools
multiple auction search, track and manage your auctions
Fun Free Stuff for Collectors
resources for auctions antiques and collectibles

TREEPAD, Freeware-This beauty here will become the best tool you have ever had on your computer!!! All e-mails, notes, texts,PIM,lists and other information can be stored in an "information tree". For those who bid and sell in online auctions there is a  template to help you remember what you  bid on, what you are selling, who bought what,where are you getting the stuff from, how long it's been since you sent your payment, etc You are going to love this Free small,fast download from FREEBYTE

Free Counters for Your Auctions
Honesty Counter FastCounter

Create a Good Looking Auction Listing

AdTemplate is a free, online Auction Ad generator designed just for sellers who want to deliver clear, great-looking description pages to bidders.

Want your own Auction Ad program, then Download the FREE Version of EZAdPro! Only 285K, Less than a 1 minute download at 56K
Windows compatible (MAC version not available)
Click here to begin download
(version 2.21)

Electronic Payments

Accept payment via email from your buyers. No merchant account fees, and earn referral bonus at our partner
They do charge a small fee for each transaction.

The SquareTrade Seal is an instant sign of credibility - it shows you're a trustworthy seller. "In a normal month, I sell $1,800 worth of computer CPUs. In the month since I got the SquareTrade Seal, I sold $4,000!" - Lyndie Richardson, AL

BidPickle is an eBay auction notification program. Whether you'd be a seller and want to get notified as soon as your auctions are bid on, or a buyer, and want to be notified as soon as you have been outbid so you will never accidentally lose an auction again, BidPickle is for you! BidPickle will run in your system tray and notify you via audible and visual alerts! Download Free

Photo Storage

Most ISPs provide free space for their users. You can use an upload utility such as Ipswitch Ws_FTP or Cute FTP - or for the MAC - Fetch as we discussed in Photo Tips  Or use one of these services
Please check all the sites rules and fees before you transfer large amounts of images.

Auction -WebTV friendly
AuctionPix UK
Auction Talk
BayPal - WebTV friendly
Dead Zone
Free Pichost
Image Host
Penny Things -WebTV friendly
Prosper Point
Storage Point
Picture List

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