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Introduction to
On-Line Auctions

All the tools and resources you will need to start buying and selling
thru On-Line Auctions like E-Bay,Yahoo and Amazon Auctions.
Tools,tutorials and links for the "newbie" and seasoned veteran alike.
resources for auctions antiques and collectibles

You have read about them,seen ads on TV, everybody's talking about them,
  Its time to Get Involved.
How else could you make money with that junk in your garage?

Where else could you find that very special thing-a-ma-bob AND get it so cheap??

Since their first appearance in 1995, Internet auctions have become one of the hottest phenomena of the web. Yet despite their growing popularity among buyers as well as sellers, many people don't understand fully how Internet auctions work, the different kinds of auctions available and - perhaps most importantly - how to take part in them without being ripped off.

Thats what this web site is all about!

I happened upon my first internet auction in 1995.
A week later I sold a burger king M & M toy for $25.00.
I bought it at a yard sale for 25¢, I was hooked and have been ever since.

Not only are on-line auctions a great money making home business opportunity,you will also find that scrounging around thrift stores, estate and garage sales, is like a big treasure hunt. You never know whats going to turn up and then there is the thrill of not knowing how much it will bring.
Not for the faint of heart.

If you are new to all this please begin by reading our tutorials"Getting Started" and
"Auction Safety".  It is important that you understand the in's and out's so that you
can better protect yourself from fraudulent and dishonest dealers.

For the seasoned veteran we have provided all kinds of price guides for antiques and collectibles,appraisals and helpful software and services for everything from controlling your inventory,placing and tracking your auction sales, and helping you set up your own Free Web Site or Storefront.

If you do not find what you are looking for please drop me a line, new additions are added daily and we are here to help you succeed.
Best of Luck with your On-Line adventure,make some money,have fun and

 "Be Careful Out There"

AL Abruzzese

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