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Ever wonder how much to bid on an auction item? Got something to sell but don't know what price to ask? Now you can research the item with our Mega Auction Search tools. Check current and past sale auction prices for like items.

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Amazon Auction
Auction First
Auction WarehouseSells and auctions a large variety of quality products. This is made possible by a select group of vendors that provide us with their best items, both new and refurbished.
AuctionAdict The ONLY no placement fee, no commission fee online auction and classifieds service with built in support for over 60 world currencies!
Bid 4 Vacations Auction for all types of vacations and travel
City Auction
eBay The largest person-to-person auction site
by Keyword
Haggle On-Line
Pacific Book Auction Auction for rare books, manuscripts, autographs, prints, etc.
Pinbacks Speciality auction for pinback buttons

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