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resources for auctions antiques and collectibles

ePier-Finally a breath of fresh air enters the on-line auction scene.
There are Several Benefits to Being an ePier Seller.
First and Foremost - You do not sell, you do not pay.
Free Auction Image Hosting for ePier Sellers
No Listing fee
No Insertion fee
One Low Final Value Fee
You save at least 50% in final value fee for most items when you sell at ePier.

eBay! -The biggest and one of the first.
eBay excels for all types of visitors, browsers, power sellers or first-time buyers.

YAHOO-Yahoo, small listing fees. You can browse by photos, search for local auctions and track shipments, very helpful features. Yahoo also helps sellers set up their own pages within their auction.By far the best in Ease Of Use.

AMAZON Auction- Huge following,fast listing format. A great example of the high-quality sites that we have come to expect from Amazon, with a wide range of products and a consumer-friendly interface.

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Bidville No Membership Fees,No Listing Fees,No Commission Fees

EarthWalk Auction Listing merchandise for sale Bidding and Buying on EarthWalkAuction is free.      When you buy or sell you are helping them plant trees.
Reforestation is everyone's business, we all need clean air and water.

EZ Domain Auction and appraisals Cheap!name your price

Auctions @

Pottery Auction-No fees,no commissions

Theriaults-Auction house specializing in antique and collectible dolls. They hold over 50 doll auctions per year in 25 cities nationwide.

Philatelists Online-Auction for stamp collectors

Numismatists Online-Auction for coin collectors

Auctions-on-line-Database of fine art, antiques and collectibles, auction information.

Government Asset Sales- State and federal public government auctions

Haggle Online- Offers computer hardware, software and more.

Tools-for buyer and sellers. Applications for listing at auctions ,data bases for storage of customers,collections etc.

The Auction Guild notes---A service to the online auction industry so that subscribers
can be notified via email of important changes,announcements, and events.

Looking for a Speciality Auction?
Here are two pages of Auctions for everything from Baby items to Fine Wines

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