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Taping and Finishing Drywall
How to apply tape to Joints- Finish Corner Bead, Finish off Nails and screws
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Finishing Drywall-Step by Step
Corners and Fasteners

The inside and outside corners have to be finished one side at a time.
You need to apply the mud with a 3" knife for inside corners and a 5 or 6" knife for outside corners. Notice that the outside edge of the corner bead is higher than the surface of the wallboard. The idea is to taper from that edge to the board over a span of 5" or so making it very gradual. This normally takes at least three applications. On the first application shoot for corner to board width of about 2-3", second pass 3-4" and finally a full 5" finishing width. Remember to use your knife to scrape off any globs or ridges prior to applying each coat.

With inside corners you will need to imbed a piece of tape. Apply a thin coat of mud to both sides of the corner, 2"-3" out. Take a length of paper tape starting at one end pinch the ends together and pull it thru your free hand "creasing it" so that it forms a right angle. Lightly place it into the inside corner top to bottom and using your 3-5" knife, from the center towards the top and bottom, firmly press it onto the board.
Wipe off any excess mud and allow to dry before applying additional coats. When applying the second coat, pull only one side at a time,allow to dry and then apply another. If you try and mud both sides at the same time you will keep messing up either one side or the other so do one side, allow to dry then mud the second side. When the second coat is dry if you can still see the tape, apply a third and final coat.

You can work on the corners while you are waiting for the tape joints to dry.
Your nail and/or screws need three applications of mud to cover them well. Simply apply one coat,allow to dry,scrape off ridges and globs of excess mud apply the next coat and so on.

When you have finished your taping and finishing you are ready to prepare the new drywall for paint or wallpaper.

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