Rust Conversion Primer
The Easy Way to Prepare and Paint Rusted Metal Surfaces

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Rust...Convert It!


Here in Florida rust is a way of life. On the coast with the constant salt spray the fight never ends but now there is an easier more effective way to combat this metal destroying plague.

Rust Reform, a new generation of rust conversion coatings that makes rust proofing metal a snap! Rust Reform is designed to be applied directly to a rusty surface to convert residual rust on steel surfaces to a harmless, non rusting chemical compound. Unlike the standard scrape, prime, and paint regime, you do not have to bring the surface down to bare metal.

Tannin is the heart of Rust Reform. It reacts with the iron oxide, converting it to iron tannate, a stable blue/black corrosion product. Tannins are a group of water- and alcohol-soluble natural products extracted from a variety of plants. Tannic acid has become a standard conservation treatment for corroded iron artifacts found on archeological sites.

Rust Reform halts rust and prevents future corrosion with a durable protective barrier. Rust Reform is safe, non-flammable, waterbase, and easy to use and can be over coated with any kind of finish paint. The coating withstands weather, sun, water, and salt spray without peeling or cracking. Rust Reform can be left as is or can be used in place of a metal primer.

Simply apply one liberal coat, over entire area and allow 24 hours to dry. Finish with one or two coats of any quality metal enamel.
Clean up with soap and water.

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