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New tutorial, "Spray Painting", how to spray paint your home using an airless.

Energy Savers Monthly Quick Tip:
Turn Up the Savings on Your Dishwasher With a few easy steps, you can cut your dishwashing energy costs. Most of the energy used by a dishwasher is to heat the water. Check your dishwasher's manual for recommendations on water temperature; many have internal heating elements that allow you to set the water heater in your home to a lower temperature (115 degrees Fahrenheit). Scrape, don't rinse, off your plate; soaking or prewashing is generally only recommended in cases of burned-on or dried-on food. Be sure your dishwasher is full, but not overloaded. Let your dishes air dry, and don't use the "rinse hold" on your machine for just a few soiled dishes; it uses three to seven gallons of hot water each time you use it. Finally, when shopping for a new dishwasher, look for the Energy Star label.

On-Line Color Pickers

Check out SpectraFLEX- Flex Bon's Java enabled "point and shoot" paint applet features the Millennium™ Color System by Color Guild, and provides you with the ability to virtually paint your house or commercial building on the World Wide Web! Put away your paintbrush, grab hold of your mouse, and Click Here!

From the Space Coast of Florida comes Hy-Tech Insulating Paint!
Insulating Paint for Walls, Roofs, Attics, you name it. A complete line of latex based insulating coatings for all your painting needs.

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