Rusty Metal Surfaces
How to Prepare and Paint Rusty metal Surfaces

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Fight Never Ending RUST!


The rusting of iron is a major economic problem. It has been estimated that as much as one fourth of the steel produced in the United States goes to replace steel products and structures that have been destroyed by rusting and over 2 billion dollars is spent each year in the USA on coatings that inhibit corrosion. .

Rust is the result of a conversion process that takes place when oxygen and moisture come in contact with metal. The oxygen and water combine with iron to create iron oxide the familiar brown coating on the exposed surfaces of the steel commonly known as rust. Left unchecked, moisture and oxygen (in the atmosphere) will continue to pass through the outer layers of iron oxide to attack the unrusted steel beneath. So over time, a piece of steel just keeps rusting and rusting until it has completely rusted through and crumbles under the merest touch. This chemical process can be stopped if water and moisture are not allowed to contact the metal surface.
Before we get into the various refinishing techniques lets go over basic surface preparation which applies to all of the finish systems.

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