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Installing a Ceiling Fan, 3 way switch ?
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Installing a ceiling fan?
Understanding 3-way switches?
Replacing Switches & Plugs?
With a Home Electrical Project? Electrical-online.com is here for YOU

Free Electrical Answers at Bobs Home Page. A licensed Master electrician, with 35 years of experience in both home and industry

Appliance Calculator  Calculate the approximate energy usage and operating costs of individual appliances in your home

Do-It-Yourself Guide to Lots of great Information on all types of bulbs as well as Cost comparisons on Incandescent vs. Compact Flourescent bulbs.

Fuseology - Everything you wanted to know about fuses (.pdf format, by Littelfuse)

Halogen Lamp & Bulb Safety

How to Repair and Install Electrical Switches
Just about every switch configuration you can think of.

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